Lockouts, YouTube videos and steroids

Picture of the day, posted on Twitter by Darren Rovell. How random of a withdrawal amount? $400?

It’s a slow day in the sports world today, unless of course you like the Women’s World Cup (I do, sort of), Wimbledon or professional labor struggles. Oh yeah, the WNBA is on tonight too — New York and Atlanta play at 7:30 and Minnesota and Tulsa tip at 8.

Here are a few stories of note before I get into the bulk of this post, YouTube videos.

The NBA and its players meet Thursday, but the midnight deadline tonight is creeping up fast and a lockout seems like its already started. Great, so as of tomorrow morning, two of America’s top three sports will be locked out, with no end date in sight for either. That’s just awesome.

The NFL and its players are still meeting too, trying to hash out a deal and figure out who gets the biggest chunk of a $9 billion dollar pie. While optimisim increased last week that a deal would get done before training camps begin in July, things aren’t looking any closer, as far as I can tell.

The SEC recently submitted recommendations the NCAA on how to “streamline and modernize” football recruiting. This has to be the most ironic story I’ve ever read.

In other news, Charlie Sheen doped up for his role in Major League, taking steroids to make Wild Thing just a bit more wild. It’s hard to believe that movie was filmed in 1989! I was three. Sheen said the steroids made him “more irritable than normal” during the six to eight weeks he used prior to filming. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Ok, enough with sports news, on to these YouTube clips. Thanks to my Twitter followers for sending these along this morning.

Via @joesph_mott

Via @Out_OnALimb

Via @the_Jameson

Via @oljoyce

Via @Bullard_

Have a favorite YouTube clip of your own? Comment below so I can fill up my afternoon with completely pointless activity at my computer desk.

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3 Responses to Lockouts, YouTube videos and steroids

  1. Clev says:

    Quality entertainment value my man. Then again, I did notice it’s a free service. LOL

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