Blake Griffin nearly kills Pau Gasol…twice

Nothing motivates you at 5 a.m. quite like two Blake Griffin dunks over a helpless Pau Gasol.

At this point, the ‘I’ve been posterized by Griffin’ list probably reads more like a medium-length novel. It’s become a nightly thing, and amazingly, it’s no longer surprising or even that impressive. People expect Griffin to make people trying to block his shot look like tiny men. He rarely disappoints.

On Wednesday night, Pau Gasol was targeted twice in the battle of Los Angeles. The Lakers won the game, in large part due to 67 combined points from Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant, but Griffin and the Clippers won the highlight contest. Neither is surprising.

Anyway, to the video!

The first dunk came just two minutes in when Griffin swooped in from the 3-point line to put back a missed Randy Foye three.

The second, and much more controversial dunk — HE USED HIS FOREARM! — came in the third quarter on a more standard pick-and-roll situation. Note to self, and anyone else thinking about trying to stop Griffin on a play like that: just don’t. You’ll save your neck from being in pain and your ego from being damaged. And don’t give me the offensive foul argument. Do you honestly expect that to be called?

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Web editor at WRAL in Raleigh, NC. Contributor for Pack Pride. Eternal pessimist.
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